Client Server Architecture: Questionnaire

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Question 1.
Define what is thin, fat/thick client.
Thin-client is a technology whereby it refers to a computer that has multi-tier client server architecture which the end user (client) do not use any hard disk and the programs run and display via browser. The program is actual execute from main server and not from desktop pc. The client which operates as terminal needs to continuously communicate with the server. Thick or Fat client is a technology whereby it also refers to a computer with multi-tier client server architecture which the end user (client) using its own resources and run program from desktop PC in the same time connected to the server to drive the database occasionally.

Question 2
Differentiate both client in term of it architecture, speed, reliability and etc.

Thin versus Thick/Fat in term of architecture.
Thin Client.

Powerful Server

(No hard disk required)
(Able to support data management and application processing)

Thick/Fat Client.
Client (Desktop PC)
Client (Desktop PC)
Client (Desktop PC)
Display and run application processing


(With hard disk)
(Able to manage data)

Other Differences between Thin and Thick/Fat client.
Thin client.| Thick/Fat client.|
Service performance will reduce (speed slow) if more clients are added to the server. (since everything is operate by server)| Most process occur in client site, so the performance won’t reduce.| There will be system halted if the server down as the client required a constant correspond with the server.| There is no problem with the client part as the client just need to validate the data itself, not the server.| Nevertheless, this kind of client is easy to setup because it does not need any specialized software installation.| The fat client needs more desktop pc and IT work in connecting the client to the server.| Cheaper cost needed. Need to buy display device and the client device (for client) then connect it to the powerful processing server.| Higher cost needed than the Thin client as it needs to buy desktop PC and the maintenance of the desktop PC. Also need a processing server.| Reduce security risk.| Security risk is high as the data cannot be secured in client part.|

Question 3
Draw a C-5 architecture ( 2 tier and 3 tier). Tell the step/procedure involve and before you draw it briefly explain. The two-tier architecture is like client server application. The direct communication takes place between client and server. There is no intermediate between client and server. The 2-Tier Structure

The above figure shows the architecture of two-tier. Here the communication is one to one. Let us see the concept of two tier with real time application. For example now we have a need to save the employee details in database. The two tiers of two-tier architecture is 1. Database (Data tier)

2. Client Application (Client tier)
So, in client application the client writes the program for saving the record in SQL Server and thereby saving the data in the database. Advantages:
1. Understanding and maintenances is easier.
1. Performance will be reduced when there are more users.

Three-Tier Architecture:
Three-Tier is the simplest case of N-Tier architecture where three tier architecture having three layers. They are  1. Client layer
2. Business layer
3. Data layer
Business layer: It is the intermediate layer which has the functions for client layer and it is used to make communication faster between client and data layer. It provides the business processes logic and the data access. Data layer: it has the database.

Data Management
Application Processing

1. Easy to modify without affecting other modules
2. Fast communication
3. Performance will be good in three tier architecture.
Question 4
Explain the process involve in sharing file.
The term file sharing...
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