NT2670 Midtern Questions

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What role enables users working at another computer on the company network, or on the internet, to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there? Terminal Services

What Windows Server 2008 installation option is a stripped-down version of the operation system? Server Core
When a client runs an application on a terminal server, what resources does the application utilize? The Terminal Server's resources
A complete installation of an operating system that runs in a software environment emulating a physical computer. Virtual Server
What are the number of roles a Windows Server 2008 computer support? Depends on the computer's hardware configuration, hardware requirements for a role, and the size of the organization An MMC console that provides a selection of the most commonly used windows Server 2008 management tools. Server Manager

A utility that provides a command prompt alternative to Server manager and can be used to install roles and features from scripts or batch files. ServerManagerCmd.exe
A role included in Windows Server 2008 which enables you to perform unattended installations of Windows Server 2008, and other OS, on remote computers using network-based boot and installation media. Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

You must activate Windows Server 2008 computers within how many days of installing them? 90
The Add Roles Wizard provides roles that fall into three basic categories: directory services, Application services, and what else? Infrastructure services
What directory enables you to use a web site to publish files located anywhere on the network? Network Directories
What correctly identifies the HTTP binding options available? IP Address, MAC Address, Host Header
What component manages the request pipeline, the server's application pools, and the worker processes running in the them? Windows Process Activation Service (WPAS)
The original default filename for the Web.
What role service enables administrators to control which type of error page the server should use and specify alternatives to IIS7's preconfigured custom error pages? HTML errors
When IIS7 receives an HTTP request containing a URL with no filename, and none of the default document filenames exit in the specified folder, the Web server has two choices: it can generate an error, or it can __________ . Display the IIS7 page

HTTP Logging is one of the role services that Windows Server 2008 installs by default with Web Server IIS role. (T/F) True

When IIS7 generates a 404 error, it sends a ______ error page, in response to local requests, and a _______ error page for requests coming from other computers. custom; detailed
What can FTP7 use to encrypt its authentication traffic before transmission? SSL
By default, when a client first connects to an FTP server, the server transmits ______. anonymous user information
What is the most secure of the traditional challenge/response authentication methods supported by IIS7? Windows Authentication
Which authentication protocol is integrated into an IIS7 installation by default? Windows Authentication
What specifies what clients are able to do on a Web site after the server has authenticated them? Authorization Rules
The process of confirming a user's identity, usually by requiring the user to supply some sort of token, such as a password or a certificate, is called? Authentication
To restrict Web site of FTP access to specific computers or companies, you can create a list of __________ and ______ to which the server will grant or deny access. IP Addresses and Domain Names

What HTTP error is displayed if all of the authentication methods fail, as in an improperly configured site with no methods enabled? 401.2

Web servers use port number ___ by default and the default port number for an SSL connection is ___ . 80; 443
What are digital certificates called that are issued by...
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