Nt1310 Unit 1 Question Paper
Topics: OSI model, Computer networking, Data Link Layer, OSI protocols, Data transmission, Ethernet / Pages: 6 (1464 words) / Published: Feb 26th, 2017

1 - A(n) _________ is a LAN that uses the same technologies as the Internet but is open to only those inside the organization.
a. Intranet
b. I-net
c. Local Area Network
d. Extranet
Answer: A, page 7
2 - A backbone network is:
a. a high speed central network that connects other networks in a distance from hundreds of feet to several miles.
b. a group of personal computers or terminals located in the same general area and connected by a common cable so they can exchange information.
c. a network spanning a geographical area that usually encompasses a city or county area (3 to 30 miles).
d. a network covering a large area of up to 5000 miles.
Answer: A, page 7

3 - The Internet standards organization that will allow anyone to join is
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presentation logic
Answer: A, page 27
3 - An user must type in a URL for a web page, which stands for:
a. Unknown Resource Locator
b. Unknown Router Location
c. Uniform Router Location
d. Uniform Resource Locator
Answer: D, page 36
4 – The ________________ cloud deployment model provides the highest levels of control, privacy and security. a. private b. public c. community d. hybrid
Answer: A, page 27

5 - The software that runs on the mail server is referred to as the ____________
a. Mail server
b. Mail user agent
c. Mail runner
d. Mail transfer agent
Answer: D, page 40

6 – Scalability refers to the ability to increase or decrease the capacity of the computing infrastructure in response to changing capacity needs.
Answer: True, page 35
7 – Middleware is the software that sits between the application software on the client and the application software on the server.
Answer: True, page 30

8 - The presentation logic works with the client computer in a client-server network.
Answer: True, page 27
9 - A “thin client” approach places most of the application logic on the client.
Answer: False, page 31
10 - The very first data communications networks were client-server networks.
Answer: False, page

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