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My speech about keeping animals in captivity

I have chosen to talk about keeping animals in captivity.
The subject is very wide and you can talk about what kind of captivity and the good and bad thing about it.

I like to start and talk about zoos, if you look through the humans point of view in keeping different animals in captivity it´s good because many of the people maybe never would have a chance to see animal like that in real life and you doesn´t need to spend a fortune to go on a safari in Africa.

But I stand on the animal’s side in this question, because I think it´s wrong when many different animal species getting more rare in the wild.
We need a different kind of captivity a kind that helps the animals increase their numbers like nation park for tigers, elephants, rhinos and many more.
When I mean positive captivity I mean like a national park under watch.
The last thing we need is that endangered species are dying because of our pleasure.

But the bad thing about keeping animals in captivity like in a national park is the risk of thief hunting which is a downside because elephant bone and tiger bone and fur are very coveted which give good money for the thief hunter, many of them a people that are very poor and have to this to survive.

If I do summary of what I have talk about know, I think it´s wrong with zoos because people are keeping some times endangered species for our on pleasures.
But when it comes to keeping animals in captivity to help the animals increase their population or help them in another way where not only the humans wins but also the animals.

I like to say if we keep having some species in zoos or hunting team down in the wild and don´t think of the consequences we maybe never will see a tiger, polar bear or a elephant again.

// Loke Läck

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