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  • Mammals

    Mammary glands: feature for which mammals are named-produce milk to nourish the young. Having hair‚ ability to nourish their young with milk‚ all breathe air‚ have four chambered hearts‚ and are endotherms. The first true mammals appeared during the late Triassic period‚ about 220 million years ago. Mammals are descended from ancient reptiles. * * Form and Function in Mammals * * Body Temperature Control * High metabolic rate‚ helps generate body heat. External body hair

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  • Mammal and Sloths

    The sloth is the world’s slowest mammal‚ so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat. The plant gives it a greenish tint that is useful camouflage in the trees of its Central and South American rain forest home. Sloths are identified by the number of long‚ prominent claws that they have on each front foot. There are both two-toed and three-toed sloths. All sloths are built for life in the treetops. They spend nearly all of their time aloft‚ hanging from branches with a powerful grip aided

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  • Marine Mammals

    ethical debate over marine mammals in captivity there are many conflicting views. The public theme park industries advocate that marine mammal exhibits provide an important role in educating‚ entertaining‚ and conservation; they see nothing wrong with captivity. An increasing number of scientists counter this view and believe that animals should flourish naturally and are too intelligent to be held captive. Animal protection groups also have taken notice that these mammals in captivity develop severe

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  • Transitions of Reptiles to Mammals

    Reptiles to Mammals A long long time ago‚ in a galaxy not too far away‚ was a little blue planet called Earth‚ and on this world not a single mammal lived. However a lot of time has past since then and we now have lots of furry creatures that are collectively called mammals. How did they get their? Where did they come from? These are the kinds of questions that led me to my subject of choice. I will endeavor to provide examples‚ using specific transitional fossils‚ to show that mammals have evolved

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  • Mammal and Favorite Color

    Dear students in South Korea‚ My name is in Fifth Grade. I am looking for a pen pal! I love Art and sports. I have many friends in fifth grade. I am a B+ and A- student. I am on select soccer in Whitefish Bay. I love drawing flowers‚ dragons‚ and animals. I have a cat and dog. My cat’s name is Ginger and my dog’s name Brownie. Ginger is 6 and Brownie is 1 and 6 months old. My birthday is in May and my favorite food is pizza and nyonki. My favorite animals are kangaroos‚ dogs‚ cats‚ beavers‚

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  • Marine Mammals

    Marine Mammals in Captivity Would you like it if you were put in a cage‚ forced to perform tricks for an audience on a daily basis? An animal being kept in captivity is wrong‚ because we shouldn’t put our desire to be amused and entertained over the fact that these animals are confined‚ being forced to perform for us. Animals should be allowed to live and die in their natural habitat Many experts have claimed that zoos and aquariums give us human beings a better access to the life of an animal

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  • Marine Mammal Science

    A Career in Marine Mammal Science Many people want to become involved with marine mammals such as sea otters‚ dolphins‚ seals‚ manatees‚ or whales. Perhaps such interest has been sparked by Flipper the dolphin on television or Keiko the orca whale in the popular movie‚ Free Willy. Interest in marine mammals has also been generated by the many underwater movies publicly pleading for protection of endangered whales. Others are just simply scientifically curious. At any rate‚ there are many reasons

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  • Captivity of Marine Mammals

    Captivity of Marine Mammals The concern that is being presented is that of whether we should allow marine parks to stay open has been extensively debated in our community of late. It is a significant issue due to the fact that it concerns deep-seated moral and economic questions about the utilization of our native wildlife. There have been an extensive range of different arguments being pushed to the forefront about this issue. In this essay‚ the arguments will be considered of that for having marine

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  • The Marine Mammal Protection Act

    The Marine Mammal Protection Act Abstract This paper includes information a particular environmental law. Specifically‚ the Marine Mammal Protection Act is discussed along with the history and background of this particular environmental law. In addition‚ the reasoning behind its existence will be elaborately deliberated. The Marine Mammal Protection Act The Marine Mammal Protection Act was established and signed in 1972. According to Ray and Potter (2011)‚ this bill was “passed‚ despite

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  • Endangered Mammal: Maned Three-Toed Sloth (Bradypus Torquatus)

    Endangered mammal The maned-three-toed sloth‚ also known as the maned sloth is the rarest of the five sloth species and is endemic to Brazil (Macdonald‚ 2001) . Its name derives from the black mane of hairs‚ which runs down the back of its neck an over the shoulders. Like other sloths are characterized by their short bodies‚ long limbs and stumpy tails (Emmons‚ 1990) . Unusual is its proportions of body parts‚ with very small eyes‚ small ears‚ and a tail that is hidden in the fur ‚ along with a

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