City Vs Country Dwellers

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City Dwellers Vs. Country Dwellers: Which would you choose?
If you had the choice to live in the city or in the country, which would you choose? Are you the hustle-bustle type who cannot seem to find enough hours in one day? Or are you someone who is much more easy-going and would rather have all of the time in the world to finish one assignment? City dwellers and country dwellers may be only a few miles apart, but what they do in their leisure time is often be completely different.

Most cities have huge shopping malls, which tempt city residents to go shopping any chance they can get. For a city dweller, shopping is a stress-reliever. For country dwellers, on the other hand, shopping can cause stress. People who live in the country often find shopping a waste of not only money, but also time. City people shop for fun, unlike country people, who shop for items only when needed. Common stress relievers for country dwellers might be reading, knitting, quilting, or crafting. This is what country dwellers find more relaxing than spending money on unneeded clothing.

Another way country people differ from city people is with regard to meals. A country dweller has plenty of unused time in his or her day. Therefore, the time they have, they dedicate to making a home-cooked meal. My grandmother, for instance prefers cooking at home than to eating out. She claims that making a home-cooked meal is rewarding. She also specifies that she would rather take the time to prepare a healthy meal than eat something unhealthy from a fast food restaurant. City dwellers, on the other hand, have minimal amounts of time. They can get so caught up in their jobs that fast food is easy and very convenient. They do not need to worry too much about their figures because they get exercise walking from place to place in a city, especially while shopping in their large malls. The most formal meals city dwellers are likely to have are business dinners. Their jobs are usually their number...
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