Country vs City Life

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Country versus city life versus city life
The purpose of this text will prove that country life differs from city life in many ways. This paper will help determine the best place to live if someone’s looking for change. These topics are broad, so narrowing down to key points will help diversify the topic. First, economical differences such as job opportunity and everyday costs. Second, environmental differences that effect health and the mind. Third, social differences like people’s demeanor, attitude, and perception towards each other also, social events. Finally, discussing some lifestyle differences between the communities. Country life compared to city life differs in many ways pertaining to the economy, environment, society and lifestyle. Which community would someone pick based on these factors. First, relating to the economical differences, cities have plenty of job opportunities there are many businesses and homes to work. Also, public transportation makes it easier to get to work, compared to the country. Country areas are far away from big business, so farming and living of the land is what most people do. But, some people still drive a hundred or more miles to work every day to the closest city or business. So living in the city costs less for fuel compared to the country. Country people who farm need fuel for their equipment, so keep in mind the cost. But, Studies say twenty years from now; high demand of food will affect the farming industry in a positive way. So farming’s a smart investment and may influence someone to move. Second, comparing the environments and how it affects health. Cities have many large corporations that put off pollutants littering the air with chemicals and carbon dioxide, an overabundance of vehicles also adds to the affect of carbon dioxide. Cities have very little greenery and trees to produce oxygen and filter the air. In rural communities the air is cleaner, based on the fact theirs more greenery to...
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