Urban People Versus Country People

Topics: New York City, City, Urban area Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Most of an urban people have higher income and better opportunities than small town people. Based on the location and surrounding of a person, it can influence his/her dreams, objectives, and goals. The person who grew up in New York City is most likely to have a dream of working in Wall Street (Investment firms, Banking, Business Analysis) or 5th Avenue (Designing, Modeling, and Retail Businesses). And the person who grew up in country side around farm lands is most likely to dream of becoming a great farmer or entrepreneur in farming business. The city people are more adapted to the diversities and changes because they’re more interrelated with constant changing of global businesses and global affairs. In the other hand, the country people are more content with their lives and more generous than city people. That is why most of the country people way of lifestyles is a lot simpler and their life expectancy rates are also higher than unban people.

Unlike the small town people, the city people have to struggle day to day with their transportation. Commuting to work or school is almost like a nightmare. Public transportations [trains, buses], roads, and railways are no match for city population. Those over crowed buses and trains with passengers are almost impossible to get in or get out without pushing or touching other people. To commutes with taxi or your own car can be a lot frustrating than taking train or bus because of a busy traffic, where cars can only move bumper to bumper. Based on my experience it took me one and half hours to travel seven miles in the New York City. So, basically their patient and energy are mostly consumed by traveling. But for the country people driving to work/school is a lot more pleasurable than the city people. There is almost no traffic jam, no pollution, and great nature scenery on the way. On the down side, they are lacking in public transportation system. They do not have many choices like the city people for...
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