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Composition 1
Comparison and Contrast
May 28, 2013

No one person has the same choice when it comes to a living situation. City lifestyle and country lifestyle are two very different types of living that satisfy the taste of many different people. The main differences are found in the environment, job opportunity, and cost of living. The difference of these can make or break the opinions of many but ultimately it is up to the single person.

When approaching the countryside you are immersed in the rolling hills of green, the smell of fresh cut grass invades your senses going hand in hand with the birds singing their sweet songs on the rolling air. There are more trees then you can count and it is very comforting scene all together. If you are city bound the city you are faced with tightly packed buildings, cram-packed streets filled with angry drivers forever late for this or that. Smog and a ripe stench that can’t seem to be placed take a permanent seat in your nostrils, walking is nearly impossible to do without running into someone. Definitely not the life for someone who treasures personal space and pleasantries that seem to be swept to the way side with city living. There are less pollution, fewer cars, and fewer factories in the countryside. This shows that the environment is better and more natural in the country. As opposed to a city filled with loud noises and factories which contribute to noise and environmental pollution.

There are many job opportunities in the city that you do not see in the countryside. The job market on the countryside is smaller than in the city due to less business, plants, and factories being built in the area. People in more rural areas are more likely to work in farming and agriculture, but commuting to city jobs is always an option though commuting cost rise with the ever growing price of gasoline. When you living in suburban areas you definitely save money on gas and there are usually rails that you can...
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