Country vs City

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City vs. Countryside

Looking for a good place to settle is not easy like you finish your homework or your job. I lived in countryside until 12, and then my family moved to a big city. Thus, I have experienced the conflicting living in countryside and a big city. By comparing and contrasting my own experience living in countryside and one in a big city, I would prefer someday to live in a big city because of the modern life, high education, and good health care. First of all, living in a big city is more modern than one in countryside. In countryside, the life is very peaceful and safe. For example, people living in countryside don't have to worry much about how their life looks. They just go to work and make enough money to support their family. Also, everything in countryside seems to be quiet, and the neighborhood is very friendly and generous, too. They can share each other everything such as fruits, foods, and clothing. Therefore, people can enjoy themselves without annoying from anything. Besides, nobody can deny the fresh air in countryside. The less transportation and more places such as parks and gardens make countryside become more peaceful and healthy. Although living in a big city is not peaceful and quiet like living in countryside, people feel more comfortable and convenient. For instance, if you want to go somewhere or to save your money from gasoline, there are lots of public transportations such as the bus, railroad, and train which are always available to support people. Additionally, a big city is often a place where many problems like robbery, violation, rape, etc... occur mostly in a city, but the security is always available and ready to solve any problem. On the contrary, people living in countryside lack of this service; for example, if they are in danger, who will be there to save them immediately? The security has to spend at least a half an hour to be there, I guess. In short, living in countryside is more peaceful and none-stressful,...
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