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Small Town vs Big City

By Fitofritz May 06, 2013 537 Words
Living in a city and living in a small town have both advantages and disadvantages. It is believed that someone’s personality is influenced by the place where they live. The place in which you are living may define your lifestyle. In big cities life goes fast, while in small town everything is calmer. The way you are living depends a lot on the place you live. If you live in a big city time is money, because many people have something to do at every hour of the day. That is why there are always cars outside and too much noise; a city never stops and your lifestyle is more organized and fast. On the other hand, in small towns life is less stressful than life in the city mainly because of the fresh air and the absence of too much noise. Due the fact that there are few people living in it, your lifestyle is more relaxing when you are in a small town. In a big city, you are close to many facilities and useful services such as hospitals, schools, jobs, and many others. So the people in cities tend to be less preoccupied about these things, but that does not mean that a city is a better place to live. For example, the crimes are much more frequent in cities than in towns and can create insecurity towards others. While people who live in a small towns does not have the same facilities as in a big city (especially in public health and life quality), they do not need them because people who live in towns are healthier. This is because they do not get exposed to too much gases (like smog), they’re not usually in a hurry and they get to know almost everybody in the town, so they develop a healthier friendship with everyone. Big cities and small towns have many different things between them, but also they have some similarities between them, like social classes. In both environments there will be always someone that has more money than others, and also someone who does not have enough money to have a good life. Everywhere you can find nice people as well as difficult people. Neither in a big city nor in a small town you can be able to have a perfect life; in both you will have to face some problems, and of course, enjoy awesome moments. Living in a big city can bring you many facilities that you cannot have in a small town, but also there are things that make a small town a better place to live, such as the fresh air and the calm of the place. You can make friends in both places but it is more probably to meet more people on a big city, however in a town you can have close relationships with more people because you get to see them almost every day. The place you decide to live may affect your lifestyle, but it does not guarantee you a better life. Society cannot decide the best place to live; only each one of us can decide where is the best place to live, because it depends on personal preferences.

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