CIO Dana Deasy

Topics: BP, Business process, Tony Hayward Pages: 9 (3480 words) Published: April 22, 2014
BP is known as being one of the largest energy corporations in the world. BP stands for much more than its original slogan of British Petroleum. Their slogan is new and very inspirational. It guides the mission and vision of the company while standing for innovation, productivity and excellence. The new slogan of "Beyond Petroleum" means the company is concentrated on alternative energy resources and gaining a competitive advantage within the industry. The company BP strives to be the best, the strongest and the most innovative amongst its competitors. From the top of the organization to the bottom, from the engineers to the janitors to the IT department, the company is striving for excellence. When the new CIO came into the picture in 2007, he took the slogan of “Beyond Petroleum” and merged it with his experience to reengineer the entire organizations IT department. He installed changes in the entire governance philosophy; he changed systems, cut costs and evaluated his workforce. This new CIO did not reengineer for menial changes, he reengineered the entire department to be compliant with the goals of the business units. In order for the business to be successful on the face of the company, the IT supporting staff must understand the business, must provide accurate support and must evolve as if they are in the forefront of the company. Dana Deasy, who is currently the CIO for JP Morgan (December 2013), served BP well. He changed the atmosphere of the IT department, while being a true visionary that was able to take BP through its darkest times into its finest hours while creating effective changes within the organization. While BP had goals of being the best and the brightest, the CEO, Tony Hayward admitted that the company had become, “ a serial under performer " that had promised an extreme amount, but not delivered very much. When Hayward brought in Dana Deasy, he saw something special in him. Deasy was granted a daunting task of being responsible for a massive IT overhaul for the troubled energy corporation. It was Hayward who saw something in Deasy and it was Hayward who strategically brought him in order to overhaul and to turn the IT department into a valuable asset for the organization. Deasy was responsible for all global IT; indirect procurement, group real estate strategies and key capabilities that support BP's multiple business operations. This included but does not limit to refining, marketing, exploration, production and commodity trading. During his time at BP, he led a major 3-year transformational project across BP's entire IT organization in efforts to help maximize the company's competitive edge in the energy industry and to increase the value that IT provides to its business units. Prior to BP, Deasy held senior roles delivering large scale IT strategies and projects within companies such as General Motors, Tyco International, Siemens, and the Rockwell Space Systems Division. In all of these organizations, he has restructured and created institutional change in one form or another. Dana has created precedents for other CIO’s and is seen today as being a role model for what a successful CIO should be and do within a large organization.

When starting at BP in late 2007, Deasy was appointed as the first global CIO. This meant that he was in charge of all IT related material amongst many of the different multi umbrella business units the company was involved with and supported. It was abundantly obvious when Deasy entered the company that it was highly decentralized, highly unorganized and wasteful when it came to time, energy and money.

BP had no idea who was working in the IT department, the skill level of the workforce, the job specs of the business unit CIOs and management staff. But most importantly, the overall goals of the entire IT department were not stated and defined. BP had a $3 billion dollar IT budget when Deasy entered the company (not specified or categorized), the IT...
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