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Background of Company:

Bit stream is a $30 million company, founded in 1981. The sales were from Retail and OEM. The new president Mr. Jim Sole found opportunity in network print manager. To manage the new business a new person is to be hired.

Problems in the Case:

The main problem in the case is selection of suitable candidate for the post generated due to new opportunity found in Network printing business. There are four suitable candidates who applied for the post.

Analysis and probable solutions:

Criteria and Requirement:

The new president Mr. Jim Sole found some challenges when he joined Bit stream. Some of them were top heavy structure, lot of dimensions in the organization etc. Jim sole cleared all these issues very intelligently. He started a team building process and the task and targets of the company were made clear to everybody.

According to Jim, he wanted the person who is able to take decisions and manage the people. Though Jim himself was in favour of selecting from his lot of people, but for the new venture in network printing, he thought that a person, who has some prior experience in the similar fields like VAR and network printing, would be more suitable. The key was to get the right brain at right place and matching personal goals with the job requirements that will make better chances of success. According to Sole, a person with positive attitude, intellectual curiosity, variety of experience, flexible, comfortable in handling situations, looking for fresh challenge was required. A person who can oversee the tail end of the development process and making sure that the product is the one what the customer needed. Also the person should be seasoned and who can leverage the resources Bitstream has developed.

Options available as suitable candidate:

The first candidate for the job is William Wendell. He has the right kind of experience that is required, both in VAR and printing industry but...
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