ModMeter Mini-Case

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ModMeter Mini-Case
Brian Smith – CIO
John Johnson – CEO
Stan Abrams – CFO
Fred Tompkins – Head of Manufacturing (Most powerful executive lel)
Harriet Simpson – VP of HR
Brenda Barnes – VP of Marketing
Ted Kwok – VP or R&D

1. What are the issues with current IT planning process?
Budget given is equal to 2% of revenue
Budget might fluctuate depending on actual revenue
Budget for new infrastructure and initiatives/strategies are basically leftovers after the maintenance cost/keeping the lights on.
As the current IT assets age, their maintenance cost will get higher and this will have a greater squeeze on the budget for new infrastructure – will take up 100% in 5 years
30% of the budget is for fixing errors, which is too high
Unequal distribution of IT budget
Fred’s really fat
Harriet and Brenda really thin
Lack of outreach due to under allocation of budget
New IT initiatives are implemented in silos/haphazardly resulting in a spaghetti architecture
No established process in simplifying and integrating them better to current IT infrastructure
30% is used to do patchwork to integrate new infrastructure investments due to the spaghetti mess.
CEO is fucked up.
He anyhow plan new initiatives without having a clear understanding of the company’s current IT infrastructure
Only ask for IT, sales and marketing support but not the finance
Frivolous change of name

2. Develop an IT planning process for ModMeters
Need a process for IT planning and budgeting
Will need to take an enterprise perspective on IT and incorporate all IT initiatives – new strategies, needs of Fred and other for new IT to operate and improve existing business
Find a way to allocate some of the budget to fix the mess in IT
IT systems don’t talk to the ones running in other divisions
Provide better way to connect new IT work with our corporate objectives
Help prioritize projects with different types of value
Ensure have business and IT resources to deliver that value


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