information systems plan for seminole industries research project

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Page 1: A. Report Cover Page:

Fall 2012

(Implementation plan for Seminole)
Page 2: B. Table of Contents
I. Seminole Industries Case Analysis Page[3] 1. World business collaboration/ New global information technology infrastructure 2. Seminole issue analysis                                     2.1. No integrated management system

      2.2. Inefficient corporate communication approach       2.3 non-standard data management
      2.4. Lack of advanced business practice for competition II. Recommended Vendor Products and Solutions Page [5] 1. Project description-- ecosystem
2.  IT infrastructure
2.1. Computer hardware infrastructure
Solutions-Computer Hardware Platform
Recommended vendor product--IBM
2.2 Enterprise software applications
2.21 Solutions-ERP
Recommended Vendor Products - Oracle E-business suit /JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 2.22 Solutions-KMS
Recommended Vendor Products-- Oracle database 11g standard edition, 2.23 Solutions-DBMS
Recommended Vendor Products -Oracle
2.3. Communication/Monitoring
Recommended Vendor Products -CISCO 
III. Proof-of-Concept Implementation Plan Page [11] 1. Management commitment and change
2. Expansion for IT department
3. Involvement of new technology users
4. Planning and Control tools
4.1 phase I
4.2 phase II
4.3 Phase III
IV. Conclusion Page [15]
V. References Page [16] VI. Appendix Page [18]
I. Seminole Industries Case Analysis

1. World business collaboration
The globalized world is created by innovative information technology application. Technology exists in every part of our life; digital IT devices are the most symbolized examples, which changes the flattened world in the past. Globalization has become a real trend, which effects not only on personal communication but also on world business trade. People from different nations are closely connected together by advanced transportation and Internet. More importantly, world business trade also has been developed tremendously by information technology application. The competition of business environment high and unpredictable. Inter-personal relationships are highly managed by the advanced information technology. The deployment of information technology enable buyer and seller interact more efficiently. Information Technology application is the key to success in competition.  The increasing number of successful experience and application show that information technology can create value.  Information technology has been applied in external and internal function. External aspect is the interaction between suppliers and vendors. Internal aspect is the interaction between management and staff.  US business investment highly attributed in information technology. The largest outcome resulted from information technology application is making the organization commented to its customers and the markets. A recent technology initiative at AMR Corp, the parent company of American Airline, is modeled on Max D. Hopper's concept of IT as a utility. The multiyear, $150-million InterAAct system combines data processing, office automation, personal computing and networking. Its goal is to create a technology platform to...

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