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Eddie Stobart
The Eddie Stobart business is unpinned by the company brand, people and systems. This is their strategy to keep the business running successful for the next 3 years. The purpose of this strategy is to increase the sea, rail and air sectors. Strategic Planning

Starting new partnerships with customers to further efficiencies. To take the opportunities, as the economy comes out of recession, building on our key competitive advantages, such as load utilisation and combining our customers. To market and develop our possessions to our customers and then sell these possessions where appropriate, at a profit to be reinvested in the business. To develop systems and technologies that protects the business from operational and financial risk. To grow gradually with both existing and new customers.

To take waste out of the system; waste adds to cost and damages the environment. To increase business in the United Kingdom, Ireland and mainland Europe. To influence the high value in the Stobart brand.

Organisational Structure

Rodney Baker-Bates – Non Executive Chairman
Andrew Tinkler- Chief Executive Officer
William Stobart – Chief Operating Officer
Ben Whawell – Chief Financial Officer
David Irlam – Executive Director
Alan Kelsey – Non-executive Director & Senior Independent Director Michael Kayser – Non-Executive Director
Jesper Kjaedgaard – Non-Executive Director
David Beever – Non-Executive Director
Paul Orchard-Lisle, CBE – Non-Executive Director
David Pickering – Managing Director – Business Unit
Richard Butcher - Company Secretary

Transport And Distribution
Stobart Transport & Distribution Ltd is the Stobart Group's main division, accounting for 82% of the Stobart Group's income. It contains all the Group's transport, storage and handling services, meeting ambient and chilled distribution, and warehousing supplies across ten business units. It operates from 40 sites in the UK and Europe. Estates

Stobart Estates Holdings Ltd includes the Stobart Group's group of properties, including retail sites, light industrial buildings and distribution centers, office space and properties which are owned or used in the Group's day to day business. Infrastructure and Civil Engineering

Stobart Infrastructure and Civil Engineering joins the major engineering and redevelopment projects including road/rail freight distribution centers, ambient and chilled warehousing facilities, construction/refurbishment of rail stations, sidings and airport buildings. It includes Stobart Rail Infrastructure Engineering and Stobart Developments. Stobart Rail Infrastructure and Civils operate the Southend Airport railway station. Stobart Air

Stobart Airports Ltd covers Carlisle Lake District Airport and London Southend Airport. Stobart Biomass
Stobart Biomass transports wood products for use in low-carbon emission power plants, producing electricity at both large and small scale power plants, and including for transfer. It was formed in March 2010 when the Stobart Group bought 50% of Alan Jenkinson Biomass Ltd, which was then retitled as Stobart Biomass Products Ltd. The remaining 50% was bought in May 2011. The business transports biomass products as well as timber and waste products which are used in the making of biomass energy. Purpose

The Eddie Stobart Group is dedicated to develop their employee’s ability to maintain its reputation in a competitive and growing industry. The Group aims to support their staff to learn and develop in the industry to ensure that they are fully trained to help the business improve. The company policy was put into place to make sure that the staff gets the support they need with the tasks and responsibilities. The main goal is to create culture and where people learn and take responsibility in partnership in the company to help them develop. Aims

To make sure that every staff have a good understanding of Stobart Group strategy,...
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