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Industry Analysis:
The industry analysis should be organized as follows:  -Note (Make action oriented, logically ordered) 1.  Industry Environment
     -Discuss the competitors and their market shares.
     -Discuss the products or services produced by the firms in the industry 2.  Strategies and Critical Success Factors in the Industry      -Which firms in the industry are pursuing which business-level strategies?      -What must a firm do well to compete effectively in this industry? 3.  General Environment

     -How has each force in the general environment influenced this industry? *4.  Key Issues and Future Scenarios
     -What key opportunities exist for this industry?  Which company (or companies) is (are) most      likely to take advantage of these opportunities?  Why?      -What key threats (in terms of new entrants, product life cycle, product obsolescence, substitute products, etc.)  exist for this industry? Company Analysis:

1.  Description of the firm
     -Company history             -Product lines
     -The scope of the firm (geographic, target customers, technologies, etc)      -The size of the firm (sales, assets, employees, etc.)      -The firm’s culture and philosophies
2.  Strengths and Weaknesses
     -Which functional areas within the firm are particularly strong and which are particularly weak?  Why?      -Discuss in detail the firm’s financial (ROA, ROS, sales growth, etc.) and nonfinancial (employment stability/growth, innovation, customer relations, etc) performance over the last three to five years as compared to its industry. 3.  Opportunities and Threats

     -Provide a discussion of the opportunies and threats within the industry that are particularly applicable to your firm. 4.  Current Strategy
     -Describe the firm’s strategies at the corporate and business levels.      -Discuss each in detail, and evaluate the, “soundness” of each. 5.  What resources does the firm possess? *see Liz’s section and annual report - large network of farmers, good employee base How do they contribute to competitive advantage? *6.  Value chain activities

     -How can the firm take best advantage of or improve each of its primary and support activities? *7.  Recommended Actions
     -What should your firm change about its corporate, business, and functional strategies to become more effective?  (Hint:  Be creative.  Don’t just discuss what they’ve been doing in the past.  Provide solid recommendations for future actions.)  What steps can the company take to overcome the particular issue they currently face?  Please be specific and action-oriented.  This section of your report carries most of the weight when I grade the report. In order to make the workload as even as possible for everyone, let’s divide the sections/responsibilities as follows: There are 11 sections total so 1 person gets 3 sections and everyone else gets 2.  The people that have 2 sections should take on something extra such as:  Compile/edit the paper, compile the presentation on prezi (I have never used it), Write the intro and conclusion (looks like the conclusion is section 7), and the other person I suppose should take on 2 sections that take more time and effort than others. Here is a logical division of the sections.  Write your name by the one you want *Company 5,6  Connie Syhabandith

*Industry 4, Company 7 Drew, I’ll write the intro/conclusion also Company 2,3 Jaynee Joe-Gonzalez
Company 1,4 Liz Watson
Industry 1,2,3 Janaia Cormier-Diaz

Industry Section 1 (revised)
The fast casual restaurant industry is the most rapidly growing sector of the restaurant industry (cite source).  Among the top competitiors in the industry are Chipotle, Panera Bread, Five Guys. According to a new study published by market research firm Technomic, sales at the top 150 fast casual chains outpaced sales growth for the Top 500 U.S. chains in 2011 with growths of 8.4 percent and 3.5 percent, respectively. In 2011, Panera Bread led the...
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