Topics: Police, Learning, Constable Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Mr./Ms./Dr. FirstName LastName
police officer
Los Angeles Police Department
700 E. Temple Street #B38
Dear LAPD:
Opening paragraph: I would like to be a police officer and a coach at the same time; I have learned about police officer through the cadets program and I learn about coaching through the atwater little league program, i'm really smart funny on going and a hard worker and I love sports and working with kids. 2nd paragraph: I am interested because I like to be a leader and role model to kids I like the feeling that they look up to me and im fun to be around so i'll be the most funnest coach they ever had and I am interested in being a police officer because i'm really good in the cadets program and I like my city to be safe and I love helping and protecting people and I have been lazy a lot and being a police officer will get me in better shape and it gives me more confidence and more power than i would ever have and that feels good but the only thing is I don't like hurting people but if I really have to I will because its better them than me. I am learning a lot about being a police officer like my 10 codes and how to search people and how to march and search builds and what to do and look for in any accident or emergency and I am also learning a lot about coaching with the atwater little league and working with kids at an after school program. With all this extra things i’m doing outside of school I feel that I would make a great employer for being a police officer and coach I will be going to college as well to get my degree. I have done a resume and I feel like I can really do this i’m sure of it and I would be shock if i get hired sooner than later. My resume is completed and I feel good about how it came out. I will be doing more of the after school program and coaching and the police cadets and I will be going to high school as well. 3rd paragraph: I would like the opportunity to interview for a position as a police...
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