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Characteristics of a Good Boss

By izimova Dec 10, 2011 397 Words
Characteristics of a Good Boss

The best boss I ever had was Michael, the owner of Russian restaurant “Fiddler” in

Southfield Michigan. Besides “Fiddler”, he owned four over restaurants and had more

than fifty employees working for him. All the workers loved him, because he definitely

embraced the main characteristics of a good boss: Michael had experience and

knowledge of the business, he was easy to communicate with and he cared about his


A good boss knows his business and his employees; he knows what is going on and is

able to provide the best resources. Our boss was competent; he could easily see mistakes

we were doing, and he was able to show and explain how to correct them. It meant that

Michael could roll up his sleeves at any time and help if the job needed to be done. A

good boss must be the best in the field, so he can help and teach his employees if


Communication is a key to a prosperous business. Giving clear directions to the

employees is very important; people must understand what expected from them. In

addition, keeping in touch with each employee individually and listening, paying

attention to their needs and meeting them are also important. Our boss would take as

much time as needed to explain the right way to do the job. If we had any problems with

any task, it was easy to ask him for help; in fact, Michael always would approach each of

the employees individually.

A good boss recognizes employees, and lets them know that they are appreciated; he

knows what is going on in their lives. He understands their emergencies and respects

them. Michael cared about his people and we cared about his business. He assembled a

good atmosphere for all of us; we were always ready to help him and each over. Not

saying that we did not have our low times, but we enjoyed working together.

Michael’s business was successful. This man knew what he was doing in his field, he

new what he wanted from his people and acknowledges what his workers expected from

him, he cherished his team altogether and individually each of us. Therefore, a good boss

must have experience and the knowledge of the business, know how to communicate

with employees and care about the people who work for him.

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