What keeps leaders up at night? (Book Report)

Topics: Leadership, Anxiety, A Good Thing Pages: 13 (5020 words) Published: December 3, 2013
“What Keeps Leaders Up At Night”

Chapter 1: I’m A Good Boss. So Why Do I Sometimes Act Like A Bad One? A good boss sometimes acts like a bad one basically because everyone reacts differently to various situations. Throughout the chapter Nicole gives many reasons and explanations on this particular topic. Just by reading the title of the chapter and giving a response off hand. I would say, most people deal with stress, decision-making, leadership, and various responsibilities in their own way. Some people can’t handle being under pressure as well as others. This goes for students too. Nicole expanded on three main reasons why good bosses go bad; 1) too busy to win, 2) too proud to see, and 3) too afraid to lose. She says, “Even the best boss in the world can have a bad day. No one escapes the occasional bad mood, irrational thoughts, angry outbursts, nasty self-righteousness, bad decisions, or mistrustful reactions; imperfection makes us human.” I agree with this because everyone has their days where they just feel overwhelmed. It’s only natural. Nicole also says, “Good leadership requires dealing effectively with messy, quirky, unpredictable, confusing, irrational, and clumsy people.” She calls these three reasons “Good Boss Gone Bad Syndrome” symptoms.

Too Busy To Win, comes into play when you have a lot on your plate. In some cases it can just be someone’s excuse for not being able to follow through. Nicole states that, “keeping busy may make you happy, but at the same point excessive busyness can overwhelm your coping capabilities.” Being so busy can interfere with the important things at hand like problem-solving, decision-making, and your best performance. She also says this can result in physical ailments, and in some cases mental health. Some people can handle a heavy workload but taking on so much is not for everyone. The author says, “Gaining a little self-awareness when you find yourself succumbing to this variation of the good boss gone bad syndrome.” You should consider solving the problem by asking yourself these three questions; 1) have I gotten so lost in the trees that I can no longer see the forest? 2) Have I taken on extra work thinking I can do it better or because I don’t want to waste time telling someone else how to do it? 3) Have I resisted delegating work because I want my people to like and respect me? Asking yourself questions or even just stopping and taking the time out to calm your nerve and collect yourself is always good. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you definitely have become Too-Busy-To-Win! This also can come from technology because technology has a great impact on society today. Technology plays a part in everyone’s busyness. How? You become very busy when you constantly get continuous interruptions from phone calls, emails, alerts, messages, etc. Nicole said, “The avalanche of information not only overwhelms our personal lives. Difficult personalities, and complicated workplace politics quickly deluge us.” Most people hate this state of affairs, and most probably secretly take a certain amount of pride in the fact that they have way too much on their plate. She says, “If you don’t believe that ask yourself one of these four questions, if not all. 1) When I’m busy, do I make that fact known to others? 2) When people see how busy I am, do I think I gain more respect? 3) When I hear other people complain about being too busy, do I feel superior, or on the other hand, a little jealous? 4) When I am idle am I uncomfortable? Do I fill my downtime with a lot of activity? If your answers are positive that reflects a tendency to get too busy to win! People tend to turn assets into liabilities, just by overusing their energy, talent, and mental or physical prowess. No one really recognizes when they come down with this variation. How would you know that you’ve come to a state of super-saturation? Our bodies and minds can cope with an incredible amount of sensory data,...
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