How Starbucks Saved My Life
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“How Starbucks Saved My Life” Summary
November 1, 2013
How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else was an interesting read. By the end of the book I think I truly understood how Starbucks saved his life. I also found this book to be a unique way to advertise. I do not drink coffee but this book made me want to try something from Starbucks. I actually went to a Starbucks in my workplace, Golden Nugget, but it was closed for the night. I wanted to try a cookie or cake but I also wanted to see if I could have the “Starbucks experience” of warmth and genuine people around me. Now I am determined to try Starbucks one day.
Starbucks saved Mike’s life in many aspects. Working there allowed him to realize that he is not too good for any job and that he should not judge people because of their social status or race. He thought that he was better than people who did not have as much money as him. I interpreted him to be racist before working at Starbucks. He was judgmental of people who were not the same skin tone as him. He would talk down to those who worked for him and lacked respect for others. He thought he was unstoppable and that he could never be in someone else’s shoes. He showed more loyalty to J. Walter Thompson than his own family. He was a “pompous fool” before he started working at Starbucks.
JWT did not allow him to be the father that he wanted to be. He did not get to experience certain things you experience, as children grow, with his first four children. He did not experience getting called “da da” until his love child was born. He was not working so he got to stay home and be with the baby all day. Spite not being around as much as he would have liked to for his first four children they still turned out to be successful. His children all had different passions and admirations.
Mike learned that the people he worked with, at Starbucks, all had dreams and admirations. He

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