Characteristic Electrical Output of a Pv Module

Topics: Resistor, Photovoltaics, Solar cell Pages: 4 (395 words) Published: June 26, 2013
Experiment No 2:

Title: Characteristic electrical output of a PV module
Objective: 1. To investigate the characteristic IV and power curves of a PV module 2. To determine maximum power transfer and the optimized load to obtain maximum power transfer from the solar cell to the load

1. PV module
2. 2 units of Multimeters (mA Ammeter, Voltmeter)
3. Variable resistors (50 (, 100 (, 1 k(, 5 k()
4. Retort stand
5. Xenon Lamp (Solar simulator)
6. DC power supply
7. Wires

Experimental Procedures

1. Set the first mulitmeters to mA for it to function as ammeter and set the second multimeter to V for it to function as voltmeter. 2. Set up the Xenon lamp with reflector by connected the wires to the DC power supply as shown in Fig. 1 3. Switch on the Xenon lamp to shine the light onto the photovoltaic for 15 to 20 minutes so that the thermal equilibrium is reached where the open circuit voltaic has achieved thermal equilibrium. 4. Record the short circuit current as well as open circuit voltage before starting second part of the experiment. 5. Connect the variable resistor and the multimeters to the PV module as shown in Fig. 1. 6. Set the scale on the variable resistor to zero or the lowest value possible. 7. Now increase the value of the variable resistor and record the corresponding current and voltage reading. 8. Repeat the preceding step by fixing the voltmeter reading from 0.1 V to the maximum possible voltage in steps of about 0.1 V and record its corresponding current reading. 9. For each set of current and voltage, calculate the corresponding power and fill all data into the table provided. 10. Plot the current versus voltage readings and their corresponding power versus voltage reading on ONE graph paper using two...
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