ECT122 W3 ILab 2

Topics: Ohm's law, Resistor, Power Pages: 3 (279 words) Published: January 21, 2015
ECT 122 Week 3 iLab #2

DC power supply
Handheld DMM
Test leads
2 - 1.0kΩ resistor
2.2kΩ resistor
3.3kΩ resistor

1. Using the circuit below, calculate the following values. On the circuit drawing, indicate the polarities for each voltage and show the current direction.

0.00133 x = 1.33mA
R1 + R2 + R3 + R4 = 1kΩ + 2.2kΩ + 3.3kΩ + 1kΩ = 7500 x 10^3 = 7.5kΩ 1.33mA x 1kΩ = 1.33V
1.33mA x 2.2kΩ = 2.93V
1.33mA x 3.3kΩ = 4.39V
1.33mA x 1kΩ = 1.33V

= 10V= __1.33mA________= 7.5kΩ

= _1.33V_______= 2.93V_______= _4.39V_______

= _1.33V_______

2. Download the Multisim file “Series2” from Doc Sharing, Week 3. Simulate the circuit. Use an XMM to measure the following values.

= __10V_____= __1.33mA_____= __7.5kΩ_____

= __1.333V_____= __2.933V_____= _4.4V______

= __1.333V____

How did the simulated values compare to the calculated ones? They were fairly close in results.

3. Use the breadboard to construct the circuit above. Measure and record the value of each resistor with the handheld DMM. Remember that you should remove the resistor from the circuit to obtain an accurate reading. Connect the input of the circuit to the variable positive supply connections on the power supply. Set the DC power supply to +10 volts. Use the handheld DMM to verify the input voltage is +10 V. Measure and record each voltage listed below with the handheld DMM. Measure the current last. Have the professor verify the connections before applying power.

= __9.9V__ = __1.33mA_= __7.53kΩ____= _1.32V_____

= _2.91V______= __4.38V____= _1.319V_______

The four resistor circuit built on breadboard.

4. How did the measured values compare to the calculated and simulated ones?

They measured close to the calculated and simulated values.

5. If using ELVIS, use the ELVIS DMM to verify the following values.

= __________= __________= __________...
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