ECT122 W4 ILab 2

Topics: Resistor, Series and parallel circuits, Electric current Pages: 4 (475 words) Published: January 21, 2015
ECT 122 Week 4 iLab #2

DC Power Supply
Hand Held DMM
Test leads
220 Ω resistor
560 Ω resistor
1.0kΩ resistor

1. State Kirchhoff’s Current Law.
The algebraic sum of the currents entering a node is equal to zero.

2. What is the equation for the total current in a parallel circuit? It= I1+I2+I3….

3. Determine the total current in the following nodes.
1) It= 2mA+4mA+6mA= 0.012x10^-3=12mA
2) I + I1+I3= I2
I= 2mA+4mA= 1mA
I= 1mA- 6mA
I= -5mA

4. Determine the total current in the following circuit.

It= I1+I2+I3= 10mA+20mA+40mA= 0.07 x 10^-3= 70mA

5. If VS = 10 V in the circuit above, what are the following voltages?

R1= V/I= 10V/10mA= 1000 x 10^3= 1kΩ
R2= V/I= 10V/20mA= 500kΩ
R3= V/I= 10V/40mA= 250kΩ

Vr1= IR= 10mA x 1kΩ= 10V
Vr2= IR= 10mA x 500kΩ= 10,000 x 10^3= 10V Vr3= IR= 10mA x 250kΩ= 10,000 x 10^3= 10V

6. Download the Multisim file “Parallel2” from Doc Sharing, Week 4. Calculate the values below.



Ir1= Vs/R1= 10V/1000Ω= 0.01 x 10^-3= 10mA
Ir2= Vs/R2= 10V/560Ω= 0.01785 x 10^-3= 17.9mA
Ir3= Vs/R3= 10V/470Ω= 0.021276 x 10^-3= 21.3mA
It= Ir1+Ir2+Ir3=10mA+17.9mA+ 21.3mA= 0.0492 x 10^-3= 49.2mA
V=IR V1= 10mA(1000Ω)= 10V
V2= 17.9mA(560Ω)= 10V
V3= 21.3mA(470Ω)= 10V

7. Using Multisim, simulate the circuit. Use the appropriate test equipment and measure the following values.



8. Prototype the circuit below on the breadboard. Connect the circuit’s input to the variable +12 V supply. Turn on the DC power supply and use the handheld DMM to...
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