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hped 3518 april 4
chapter 18
guidlines for assesment
why do you want to assess your students
what cariable do you plan to assess?
which tests purport to assess the important variabls that you have do you have the statistical skills to interpret the assesment data? will you be conducting an informal or a formal assesment?
how and with whom, will you share the assessment results
why assess?
-to identify needs
-to determine if an individual requires further testing, additional programming, or instruction program content
participant progress
-are individuals meeting the course or program objectives
program evaluation
-is the program meeting the objectives for enhanced skill development classification
-placement of individuals by group

selecting the best test
review all available tests
is the test statistically valid, reliable and objective?
if the test is norm-referenced the norms established on a population similar to the one you plan to assess? is the test instrument feasible to administer?
do you have the training and expertise to administer the test as well as interpret the results?

an ideal test
test feasibility
-which test can be administered in the least amount of time? -must you administer the test to a single participant, or can it be administered to grups? - do you have all of the supplies and equipment needed for test administration? -do you have the training and expertise to interpret the test results?

preparing participants for assessment
to redue test anxiety
- test enviroment can be controlled
-meet the participants physical needs: procedure for restroom breaks

meet the particiapnts psychological needs
-introduce the test with conversation
-reveal what will be done during the test
-avoid the word "test"
-allow particpants to explore the content

instructor preparation and data collection
do you have the necessary equipment to administer the assessment? can you deliver the standardized directions to students taking the assessment? do you have an appropriate score sheet with extra pencils on hand? are you adequately prepared to administer the assessment without constantly referring to the test manual? if assessment requires obsercation, do you possess valid obersvational skills? -are you able to recognize deviations from the norm?

-from what point will you observe
you must think through

interpreting the assessment data
need to have an understanding of measures of central tendency and measures of variability measures of central tendency
-mean- arithmetic average
-median- 50th percentile
-mode- score that apprears most frequently
measures of variability
-describes the spread of scores
a measure of variability
-standard variation - describes the degree to which the scores vary about the mean of the distribution - s= sigma (standard deviation signal)

sharing assessment results
share results with parents, fellow teachers, school, nurse, other professionals -face to face communication is the best way to share the written evauluation -avoid using complex statistical terms or terms that lay public would not understand -have references available for review and have program suggestions available for parents and other professionals

types of assesment instruments
-these instruments evaluate the " quality" of a persons performance -can determine placement of an individual along the developmental continuum -compares and individual to him/herself over time
-common testing procedures for motor developmental researchers advantages of criterion referenced
-provides more insight into programming considerations
-provides a true developmental assessment
-more complicated to administer than norm-referenced tests
57, 81, 60
81-57= 24
81-60= 21
21/24= 0.875- 87.5%

selected norm-referenced (NR) instruments
bayley scales of infant and toddler development III (2005) used for small children -subtests to identify...
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