Chapter14 Prep 2

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Chapter Fourteen
Management, Motivation, and Leadership: Bringing Business to Life

Review Questions

1. Review the definition of management at the beginning of the chapter and briefly define each of the 4 functions. What are the challenges in carrying out these functions in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace?

Planning- Determining organizational goals and action plans for how to achieve those goals.
Organizing- determining a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization.
Leading-directing and motivating people to achieve organizational goals.
Controlling-monitoring performance and making adjustments as needed.
The challenge in planning is that planning is essentially forecasting future actions and events. Most actions or events are dependent upon contingencies that must occur in order for the plan to be successful. The highly competitive nature of today's marketplace requires planning that can accommodate changes so management plans continue to stay on target.

2. How has the role of the manager changed in the last couple of decades? What forces have driven the changes?

The old concept of a manager was one that drives employee's to work. The assumption with this model is that people that come to work do not necessarily want to work and that micro-management techniques and a heavy hand over employees is the only thing that will motivate them to complete work according to company requirements. Now however, the new theory of management is one where the employee is expected to be more of a self-managing professional. The manager's role is more inspirational, leading by example and instructing employees rather than “lording over” them. This change has occurred primarily in response to evidence that has found that employees who are satisfied with their workplace and enjoy their job are more highly motivated, higher producing and more focused on the interests of the company.

3. Define technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills.

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