Coun 521 Unit 1 Assignment

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COUN 521

Templates include correct APA format as well as the sections required for the assignment. Students should insure that all papers submitted have a header of their name and the assignment and include page numbers. It will save time and enhance grading for students to use these templates as guidance.

License Requirements Research
Your Name
Liberty University COUN 521-B05 Spring 2012

“State Name” Licensed Professional Counselor Licensure Requirements This first section will be an introduction stating your plans and a summary of the general requirements for the license for your preferred state. This section should include the contact information
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Include information on the development of the test – full name of the test, when it was first developed, the population for which the test is appropriate, and its primary uses. Indicate whether the test is an objective or projective measure and whether it is more of an intelligence, achievement, or personality measure. Indicate whether or not this test has alternate forms, when these were created, and under what circumstances these are used.
History of Test
In this section discuss when and why the test was developed. Also discuss how the history of this test fits into the overall scheme as presented in the course text.
Testing and Assessment Assumptions
In this section discuss the assumptions of testing and assessment as they relate to this specific test.
Test Description
In this introductory section give a general description of the test in narrative format. This should include a description of the different sections and subsections of the test with indication of what each of these measure. This section should include some example items used to assess the construct of the test. This section should also describe how this test is used in the assessment setting.
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Also discuss any special testing conditions that must be considered and different versions of test administration such as paper and pencil, online, computer administration, etc.
Test Scoring
In this section discuss the type of scoring or scaling used, the scores generated such as subscale, factor, or dimension scores, and the scoring procedures used such as hand scoring, mail-in scoring service, or computerized scoring via software or online.
Technical Evaluation
Standardization/Normative Sample
This section includes narrative description of the size and demographics of the standardization sample, procedures followed in obtaining the sample, adequacy of the standardization sample, and adequacy of the norms provided.
This section should discuss the types of reliability for which there is evidence and the adequacy of this evidence to support potential uses of the test.
This section should discuss the types of validity for which there is evidence and the adequacy of this evidence to support potential uses of the test.

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