Ch.26 Quiz

Topics: Social class, Europe, Age of Enlightenment Pages: 5 (872 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Protoindustrialization refers to

the development of the rural factory system.
the strictly agricultural economy that preceded the Industrial Revolution. the employment of laborers who worked at home but in a capitalist system dependent on urban merchants. improvements in machinery and labor relations.

the development of systems of transportation and communication necessary for full industrialization.

Which of the following was a cause of the American Revolution?

the British loss of territory during the French and Indian War the failure of the American colonies to develop a parliamentary experience restriction on free movement into frontier areas
the abolition of slavery in the American South
state's rights

Which of the following was a cause of the French Revolution?

the continued influence of the Protestant clergy at the French court the middle class demand for greater political representation Enlightenment endorsement of absolute monarchy
the autocratic rule of napoleon Bonaparte
French territorial additions during the French and Indian Wars

Which of the following was not a liberal gain confirmed by Napolean Bonaparte?

centralized system of secondary schools and universities
religious freedom
legal equality for men
new law codes
universal manhood suffrage

The radical phase of the French Revolution led to all of the following except

execution of the king.
extension of the revolution to warfare in the Low Countries, Italy, and Germany. a full-scale attack on private property.
introduction of the metric system of weights and measures. abolishment of slavery in France's colonies, later reversed.

In what year did the final phase of the French revolution begin?


The meeting of the victorious powers at Vienna in 1815 resulted in

the severe punishment of France for its war crimes.
the division of France into thirteen military districts called entants. conservative attempts to restore the principle of monarchy. the establishment of a united Germany.
the restoration of the liberal constitution and government of the moderate phase of the French Revolution.

Which of the political groups listed below would espouse the following statement? "The chief goal of any constitution should be to secure the vote for all men, regardless of class or wealth."

None of the answers are correct.

Belgium became an independent nation for the first time as a result of a revolution in


Middle class women, traditionally active partners to merchants,

held the majority of the professional jobs such as doctor and lawyer. continued to provide substantial expertise in the direction of business. withdrew from formal jobs to new roles in caring for children and the home. entered the work force in increasing numbers.

gained new roles in accounting and banking.

Which of the following statements concerning the British Chartists is most accurate?

The Chartists were unions of farm laborers who attempted to have the taxes on grain production eased. None of the answers are correct.
The Chartists were primarily artisans and workers who sought universal male suffrage. The Chartists were organizations of craftsmen who opposed the extension of the Industrial Revolution. The Chartists attempted to break machines to protest the increased discipline of the industrial workplace.

Which of the following statements concerning the revolutions of 1848 is most accurate?

In France the concept of monarchy...
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