Unit 4 IDS

Topics: French Revolution, First French Empire, Napoleonic Wars Pages: 3 (478 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Unit 4: French Revolution and Napoleon
Western Civilization, 5th Edition, Jackson J. Spielvogel
Chapter 18: only “The Social Order of the Eighteenth Century” Chapter 19: A Revolution in Politics: The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon The Western Experience by Chambers, Hanawalt, Rabb, Woloch, and Grew Chapter 20: The French Revolution

Chapter 21: The Age of Napoleon
Focus Questions:
In what ways did the legal division of society under the Old Regime fail to reflect the actual political and social conditions of France? What observations may be made about the existing property system? Describe the changes taking place in both the nobility and bourgeoisie prior to the Revolution. How did these changes contribute to the Revolution? Assess the machinery of government established by the Constitution of 1791. Describe the legislation introduced by the Consistent Assembly with respect to (a) public finances (b) church lands, (c) guilds and labor organizations. What were the reactions of various European governments to the revolutionary events in France Why may the insurrection of August 10, 1792, be called the “second” French Revolution How do you explain Napoleon's rise to power? What role did luck, public relations, and conspiracy play in his ascendancy? Explain the origins, purpose and nature of Napoleon’s Continental System. What effect did Napoleon’s setbacks in Spain have of other countries in Europe? Analyze Napoleon's domestic policies. Did he repudiate the Revolution, or did he solidify and institutionalize it? What appeal did the Napoleonic system have in Europe? To what extent was repression employed? Describe the principal territorial arrangements adopted at the Congress of Vienna. What attitudes were taken toward the peace settlement by (a) Prussia, (b) Russia, (c) Great Britain, (d) Austria? How was the dispute over Poland settled?

Identifications: Each student is required to clearly define 6 terms in the Moodle glossary. Your...
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