Congress of Vienna

Topics: Congress of Vienna, Revolution, French Revolution Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: January 18, 2011
3. Describe the ways in which conservative political and social views shaped the peace settlement of the Congress of Vienna. Explain the consequences of the peace of settlement for the period 1815-1848.

In Europe from the time period of 1814-1815, a peace settlement known as the Congress of Vienna was established which sought to restore social and political order. The Congress of Vienna was shaped with conservative political views, conservative social views, and was later reflected in the time period of 1815-1848. Politically, balance of power and legitimacy were restored. Socially, the Congress of Vienna stopped most revolts/uprisings from happening. From 1815-1848, the Congress of Vienna primarily caused country wide peace.

Politically, balance of power and legitimacy were brought back. To prevent a country or state from rising up again, the men at the Congress of Vienna redrew the map of Europe, creating equilibrium of powers. Prince Metternich, representative of Austria, wanted the containment of France; to deprive France of rising up again, the Congress of Vienna purposely surrounded France by stronger countries. Metternich also wished to have a legitimacy government; therefore the bourbons of France, Spain, and Naples were restored and the dynasties in Holland, Sardinia, Tuscany, and Modena were restored. Russia, Austria, Prussia, and England formed a Concert of Europe that helped urge tradition back into Europe and gave each other support if revolutions broke out.

Socially, most revolts and wars were prevented from happening. The revolutions start in France, as Metternich once said, “When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold”. Quadruple Alliance (Russia, Austria, Prussia, England) agreed to defend the status quo against any threat to the balance of power. Spain revolted in 1820 and the revolution was suppressed by French troops. Also in 1820, Austrian troops were ordered to stop the revolution of Naples as they protested the absolute rule of...
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