Who Is Napoleon Bonaparte

Topics: Europe, French Revolution, Allies Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Adriana Mayo
History-Period 4
5 February 2013

Napoleon Bonaparte

1) The French was desperate and in need of a strong leader. Napoleon was a perfect match to this problem. It was his strong personality that was one of the reasons the French strongly supported him. Napoleon’s ambition to win every battle made his name abhorrent to his enemies. He would always analyze the situation or conflicts which was also a big factor to his success. Serving in the military for multiple of years in his life gave him more experience than the other soldiers. There was the French Revolution that caused Napoleon to gain power in the army as well, because of the aristocratic officers leaving to escape the revolution. Because France was involved in a ten year revolution that caused turmoil and instability to the country, the French citizens were more than happy to accept the rule of Napoleon because of his success in other battles. After Napoleon defeated the allied nations, there was peace in France after ten years of nonstop warfare. Napoleon’s existence soon became well-known throughout Europe. 2) During the rule of Napoleon, there were some challenges his empire had to face. Napoleon intended the Continental System to impact the British economy greatly. This was a system in which Napoleon ordered his empire to set up a blockade to discontinue trade with Britain. He hoped this would lead him to victory but it did not. Although, Napoleon was successful in plummeting Britain’s economy, it resulted in affecting the economies of the European Continent. Not only did the economy get affected but also the inventory of food lowered and the cost of food shot up greatly. If only Napoleon knew the negative outcome of all of this, he would not have put this system into action. 3) Although Napoleon is known as one of the greatest military leaders in history, there was an end to his rule. There were several events that triggered the downfall of Napoleon’s rule in Europe. When...

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