Topics: Napoleonic Wars, World War I, World War II Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: February 11, 2014
Although Napoleon did a lot of unbelievable stuff and is definitely one of the greatest rulers in history, there is also no doubt that many of his accomplishments were for a selfish, greedy reason.

In this essay, Brian and I will explain why we think Napoleon is a tyrant, and not a hero.
Although Napoleon was considered a hero to many people in his time in France, he was a tyrant to everyone else in Europe. One example that shows this is that he tried to conquer all of Europe, and even parts of Africa (i.e. Egypt) with the lone purpose of becoming the number 1 ruler. His freedom promise was only short lived, as you will see.

Napoleon supported the ancien regime; meaning that he published some of those laws in his Napoleonic Code. Furthermore, his Civil Code may have abolished the old feudalism ways, but it only benefited the men, and actually made the inequality of men and women worse. Also, he failed to improve the conditions of the poor, and focused directly on the middle class people. In addition, the promises of freedom he made in his code never actually took place. He would use that freedom thought to only increase the morals of his soldiers and win more battles.

Napoleon would fight all that would revolt against him (i.e. he fought the Russians once they did not want to go with Napoleon's Continental System). Actually, Napoleon's Continental System was one of the main ideas that backfired on Napoleon himself (see Napoleon's defeat)

Napoleon would do anything to win battles and gain more land. This is shown when Napoleon tried to block trades to and from England (so that they will run out of money), and when Russia allowed trade to England, he attacked their capital city. Such thinking is what makes a ruler a tyrant.

Napoleon would also do anything to survive and remain being the emperor of France. In his Egyptian campaign, he secretly fled after his fleet was destroyed by Nelson. Similarly, he fled and left his Grand Army once...
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