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Quiz Ch 22 23
Quiz Ch 22-23
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1. Throughout the 1920s, the performance of the U.S. economy
A. saw ten straight years of continuous growth.
B. struggled with a persistently high rate of inflation.
C. saw per capita income flatten while manufacturing output soared.
D. saw nearly uninterrupted prosperity coupled with severe inequalities.
E. experienced a severe recession in 1923 that lasted two years.
2. In the 1920s, the development of practical radio communication was furthered by
A. the theory of modulation.
B. the use of vacuum tubes.
C. its ability to receive more than just simple pulses.
D. both the theory of modulation and the use of vacuum tubes.
E. All these answers are correct.
3. During the 1920s, Thomas Hunt Morgan was one of the American pioneers in
A. analog computers.
B. genetic research.
C. automation.
D. robotics.
E. relativistic physics.
4. During the 1920s, a great worry for industrialists was the fear of
A. the overproduction of goods.
B. a shortage in the number of skilled workers.
C. the rising bargaining power of labor unions.
D. a shortage of consumer credit.
E. inflation.
5. During the 1920s, when $1,800 was considered the minimum annual income for a decent standard of living, the average annual income of a worker was approximately
A. $700.
B. $1,100.
C. $1,500.
D. $1,900.
E. $2,400.
6. During the 1920s, the National Woman's Party campaigned primarily for the
A. Nineteenth Amendment.
B. Prohibition Amendment.
C. Equal Rights Amendment.
D. Balanced Budget Amendment.
E. Disarmament Amendment.
7. The infamous Baltimore journalist of the 1920s who delighted in ridiculing religion, politics, the arts, and even democracy itself, was
A. John Dos Passos.
B. F. Scott Fitzgerald.
C. Sinclair Lewis.
D. Thomas Wolfe.
E. H. L. Mencken.
8. In his 1925 novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald
A. glorified wealthy Americans as examples of the "success ethic."
B. ridiculed the

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