Central Processing Unit

Topics: Central processing unit, Computer, CPU cache Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: December 27, 2010
A CPU processor or central processing unit controls the functions of most electronic products. The CPU accepts the input data, processes the information and sends it to the component that is in charge of executing the action. CPUs are also known as microprocessors and are at the center of any computer system. Although CPUs are most often thought of as a computer chip, they can also be found in many other electronic devices including cell phones, hand held devices, microwaves, television sets and toys.


The CPU evolved from miniature transmitters and integrated circuits which were developed in the early 1960s by IBM and other top technology companies of the time. By the early 1970s, transmitting integrated circuits were being manufactured commercially and engineers took that technology and developed the CPU. Harnessing the transmission abilities of integrated circuits, engineers added the ability to process information and memory power, Combined, these elements became the core of the CPU. By the end of the 1970s, technology had reached the point where CPUs could be commercially produced and were the size of a fingernail.

During the 1980s, CPUs became a standard component in consumer electronics. They could be found in cameras, television sets and pocket calculators. By the next decade, the small size and cheap production cost of the CPU allowed computers to cross over from industry to the home. Today, engineers continue to fine tune CPUS, making them smaller and more powerful.

CPU Parts

CPUs are made up of six key components, which work in conjunction to process and execute commands. The control unit is the brain of the CPU. This part receives the input data and decides where to send the processed information. The instruction cache is where the control unit's instructions are stored. Specific instruction data is loaded into the CPU when it is manufactured. The pre-fetch unit is the information portal. Input data goes through the pre-fetch...
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