Celta - Pre-Course Task

Topics: Past tense, Grammatical tenses, Perfect aspect Pages: 11 (2091 words) Published: March 26, 2013

Pre-Course Task – Pamela Thomason

Task 1

1. My CELTA course will be within a multilingual group in a fairly small mixed gender class. Fellow students will all have some kind of formal education. 2. After finishing my CELTA I’ll probably teach both one-to-one lessons and lessons in monolingual groups.

Task 2

1. I decided to teach adults partly because it will be easier to find employment in this context but I also like the idea of teaching to someone who voluntarily chose to learn the subject. 2. I can bring my experience as a language learner and teacher of my own language. 3. Adult learners are motivated to learn because they have chosen to study the subject. They may already speak several languages. They are usually disciplined. They may have ideas and expectations about how the class should go.

Task 3

1. I would like to find out what other languages they speak, their level of education and their reason for wanting to learn English. I also think it would be useful to know about their interest and hobbies and their expectation for the course. 2. If the lesson is one to one I can ask the person directly. If it is a group class I might make them fill in a questionnaire.

Task 4.

I believe the most challenging learners would be the one who are studying English because of pressure from their parents.

Task 5

I would say sense of humour, patience, enthusiasm, gives clear information and feedback, friendliness.

Task 6

I associate grammar with logic, good writing, dryness (in the context of language learning), something difficult to memorise.

Task 7

1. Correct
2. I went to the movies last night
3. He often comes late.
4. Correct.
5. Can I have a black coffee, please?
6. People with 12 items or fewer can queue here.

Task 8

First of all grammar is part of the teaching of a language and a teacher needs to know the subject he/she is teaching. It is also important that the students trust their teachers and can rely on them for any doubts or questions. Not knowing the answer to their questions makes them doubt your teaching skills and discourages them from learning.

Task 9

1. pronoun
2. article
3. conjunction
4. adverb
5. adjective
6. verb
7. demonstrative adjective
8. preposition
9. verb
10. noun

Task 10

1. Lexical 2. Lexical 3. Auxiliary 4. Auxiliary 5. Auxiliary 6. Lexical

Task 11

1. lexical 2. auxiliary 3. auxiliary 4. lexical 5. lexical 6. lexical 7. auxiliary 8. lexical

Task 12

1-C 2-E 3-B 4-A 5-D

Task 13

1 past tense form
2 –ing form
3 3rd person –present simple tense
4 base form
5 past participle form

Task 14

Hear – heard – heard – irregular, Do – did – done – irregular, Help – helped – helped – irregular, Think – thought – thought – irregular, Take – took – taken – irregular, Steal – stole – stolen – irregular, Go – went – gone – irregular, Drink – drank – drunk – irregular, Arrive – arrived – arrived – regular.

Task 15

1. Past progressive active.
2. Past modal perfect active.
3. Present perfect active.
4. Past progressive passive.
5. Past active
6. Modal progressive active.

Task 16

1. Present continuous
2. Past simple
3. Present simple
4. Past perfect
5. Present simple
6. Future perfect
7. Past simple – Past continuous
8. Present perfect continuous

Task 17

1. Past
2. Future
3. Past up until present
4. Present
5. Present (maybe past and future too)

Task 18

The verb “to be”. The “ing” form.

Task 19
- Future
- The action takes place regularly (past, present, future)
- Past- the action takes place in the moment of the story

Task 20

All these verbs cannot be use in the progressive form. The simple present should be used in these cases.

Task 21

How the word is pronounced. If it...
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