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Accommodating Ell Students Assignment

By sandradeann Aug 15, 2011 505 Words
Accommodating ELL Students
August 11, 2011

Accommodating ELL Students
Learning a new language can be an exciting experience. It can also be a challenge depending on student learning style as well as effective teaching skills. As a new educator who will be teaching in a diverse classroom, I understand the importance of ensuring the success of all ELL students. I have created a list of ten steps to be taken to ensure that my ability to teach and the knowledge that I will be imparting to my students, will give equal opportunities for the success of each student. The ten steps that I will be implementing in the education of my ELL students are as follows: 1. Assess the students’ level of understanding of the English language. Before presenting instructions to ELL students, it is necessary to know how fluent they are with the English language. 2. Analyze the types of learners of each ELL student. There are three types: Aurally – Students learn by hearing. Visually – Students need to see what they are learning. Kinesthetic – Students need teachers to physically “walk’ them through in order to get a clear understanding of what they are learning. 3. Find the most effective way to communicate with ELL student. Body language is usually a good way to communicate. For example, the use of body language to describe an object. 4. Create an environment that enhances learning of the English language. It is important that teachers of ELL students are creative, teaching in a way that increases vocabulary. Making a picture book, with corresponding words will help memory. 5. Setting goals for ELL students to meet within a specified time. Determine the success goals through assessment tests. 6. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of ELL students. By knowing their strengths and weaknesses will make teaching and learning experience much easier. 7. Plan group learning. Arrange seating in groups. Each group consists of one or two diverse students working together. 8. Use themed lesson plans. Weekly themes will help ELL students to become familiar with vocabulary through repetition. 9. Use of daily routine. Language barriers can be stressful on students. Daily routine can help ELL students know what to expect on a daily basis and encourages them to participate more. 10. Participate in activities that encourage the use of the English language. For example, give each student a word to be used in a sentence and reward with points. Allow the students to make mistakes. This is a good way to teach the entire class as the teacher paraphrases correctly. Learning a new language can be a challenge for ELL students. Incorporating the above steps in the classroom will encourage effective learning, communication with each other and participation in classroom activities. Reference

James A. Johnson, Diann Musial, Gene E. Hall, Donna M. Gollnick and Victor L. Dupuis. ( 2005). Introduction to the Foundations of American Education. Retrieved from James A. Johnson, Diann Musial, Gene E. Hall, Donna M. Gollnick and Victor L. Dupuis, AED/200 website.

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