Online Learning and the Adult Learner

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Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Christian E. Onuoha
College 100
American Public University
Jennifer Staley

Online Learning and the Adult Learner
Knowledge is power, therefore it is always a good thing for adults to be involved in continued education. The level does not really matter, be it in pursuant of certificate, bachelor or doctorate degree, but the ability to be involved in the process and going through the rigors of such endeavor, irrespective of age, family or profession. The joy of continuous education for an adult learner, is the legacy they leave behind for their grandchildren. It demonstrates that, there is no age limit to acquiring more knowledge, especially now that technology, and the resources to do so is readily available. An adult learner is that individual between the ages of 25 and above, usually married with family responsibilities, May be gainfully employed or not. The motivators are, higher salary, career or professional improvement, personal development and above all, the availability of resources, including; government grants and scholarship, availability or access to information technology and time for studies. The choice of degree is another motivational force, the adult visualizes themselves in their minds eye, being in the profession chosen, and actually attaining or meeting that objective.

Information technology continues to play a major role in the development of various forms of lecture delivery to online student. Internet is widely used by all students to access curses online, be it hybrid, or combination of face to face lectures and online access. The widespread adoption of advanced technological measures have led to a new emphasis on online education and training, both in the academic and business world, providing unique alternatives for reaching larger audiences than ever before possible. In the academic world, universities now have the ability to provide distance...

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