Celta Assignment 1

Topics: Gerund, Perfect aspect, Grammatical tense Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: October 15, 2012
1)The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow.
a)Present simple; present form of the verb.
b)Talking about a future event. ‘The present simple is used for ‘timetabled’ future events’ . c)Students may use the infinitive of the verb instead of the present. (F) Students may use ‘ing’ (present participle) form of verb. (F) Students may have difficulty understanding the use of the present simple to talk about the future. (M) Students may have difficulty understanding that it is a scheduled event. (M) Students may have pronunciation difficulties with leaves, as it is said differently from how it is spelt. (Ph) Students may have pronunciation difficulties with the linking of ‘leaves at’ which becomes leavezat / /. (Ph) d)Someone talking about a timetable and what has been scheduled for the next week. e)Does the plane leave now or in the future? (The future).

Is it a scheduled event? (Yes).
Can it change? (Yes, but probably not).

2)If I had a lot of money, I’d buy a boat.
a)Second conditional; IF clause= If+ subject + simple past verb, main clause= subject+ would+ infinitive. b)Talking about a hypothetical situation.
c)Students may omit the verb ‘would’ in forming the sentence. (F) Students may use present ‘have’ instead of past ‘had’. (F) ‘Learners often make the mistake of putting ‘would’ in the if-clause’ . (F) Students may have difficulty understanding it is a hypothetical situation. (M) Students may have pronunciation difficulties with the contracted form of the verb ‘would’. (Ph) d)Someone talking about what they would do if they won the lottery. e)Is this a real situation? (No).

Do I have a lot of money? (No).
Can I buy a boat? (No).

3)You should go to the doctor.
a)Present simple; modal auxiliary + infinitive.
b)Talking about a piece of advice.
c)Students may insert the preposition ‘to’- ‘you should to go to….’ (F) Students may use ‘ing’ form of verb (present participle)....

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