Celta Assignment 3

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James Quinn

Assignment 3

Reasons for choosing text
Although a long piece of text, it contains an overall context of animal powers and is an interesting topic. Similar topics students have worked with include qualities of famous people and superheroes. It is an authentic text, containing a wide range of language items and so provides a challenge for intermediate students. The text could also be broken down into sections for specific tasks.

Receptive language sub-skills that could be practised using this text include: reading for gist, scanning and reading for specific information. The text could also be adapted for teaching grammar and vocabulary.

Match headings to text - skim reading for gist exercise
ref p13-p15
Using text with headings blanked out. After pre-teaching the necessary vocabulary such as: telepathy and premonition, the teacher explains: ‘Here are some headings and here is a text. Read the text quickly. Match the correct headings to the correct paragraphs.’ Concept check with: ‘Do you need to read every word?’ Give time limit of 2-3 mins. Individuals read text then compare answers in their groups.


Telepathic contact
The common features of Animal Telepathy
Explaining the Unexplained
Heading for Home

During feedback nominate and ask students to justify their reasons.

Scanning task
p13 and 14
Read the text quickly. Which person does each of these statements refer to? 1. They do not permit any other person to get close to her when she is in this condition.

2. I used to visit quite often, pop in and do all sorts of things

3. She never left my side, and during the night she slept next to my pillow

4. Jaytee started waiting at the window around the time she set off.

5. Horrified, I replaced the bottle top and, genuinely afraid of the dog, I went back into the room and sat on the sofa.

6. When we arrived home the man greeted us and said “I knew you were on your way home..”

7. He conducted more than 100 videotaped experiments

8. My whole working life has been as a cabin crew member working out of Gatwick Airport

True or false – scanning task
ref p14.
Explain task to students first before handing out handouts.
‘Here are some statements. Some are true, some are false. Read the text quickly and write down: true or false’ Give a 3 minute time limit. During feedback, nominate and get students to justify their answers.

Telepathy takes place between a dog and a cat?

Christopher Day works in London?

When Christopher Day visited as a vet, the dog would whoop with delight?

P. Broccard wanted to kill herself?

Pamponette is Miss Broccard’s first name?

Adele McCormick owned 10 horses?

William is a cat?

William is 15 years old?

Rupert conducted more than 100 videotaped experiments on Jaytee?

Pam Smart would leave home and return at the same time each day?

Pam Smart would always travel by train?

Q &A for detailed comprehension
ref p13-14
Perhaps a useful exercise as a follow up to a skimming or scanning exercise. Students will have been given the reading text from a previous exercise. Explain to students using the OHT ‘here is a list of numbers. What do they mean?’ demo the first question. Students work individually then compare answers in pairs. Give students a 5 minute time limit. Nominate students during feedback.

What is the significance of the following numbers
a. 50%In the UK and America 50% of dog owners had noticed their animals anticipating people arriving home. b. 30%

c. 100

d. 13

e. 15

f. 50

g. 100,000

h. 18

i. 2000

Productive tasks
Freer communicative practise
Give students 5-10 minutes. Put background music on during the task. ‘Tell your partner about pets that you have now, had in the past or pets that belonged to friends’ your partner can ask: ‘do you think they were psychic?’...
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