CELTA Assignment 1

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Daria Vaughan
CELTA full-time

Assignment 1: Language Related Task

1. She needn’t have got up so early.

a). Analysis of Meaning.
She got up early.
It wasn’t necessary.
She could have stayed in bed longer.

b). Context.
Sarah is having a date tomorrow and is very excited about it. The next day she woke up early to catch the train at 10 o’clock. However, she had forgotten that her date is at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Ask – Did she get up too early? Yes

It wasn’t necessary for Sarah to get up so early. As a result she had to browse in shops for several hours.

c). Checking meaning.
Did she get up early? Yes
Was it necessary? No

d). Form.
Subject + need not (needn’t) + have + verb 3 (Past Participle)

e). Phonology You’d need to help students with the stress on the first syllable in ‘needn’t’ /niːdənt/ and its linking to weak form of ‘have’ /niːdəntəv/.

2. I’ve been waiting for two hours.

a). Analysis of Meaning.
I came here 2 hours ago.
I started waiting.
I am still waiting here.

b). Context.
Show SS picture 1 of a man standing with a clock above his head. The time is 10 a.m. Ask - What is he doing? Waiting.
- What’s the time? 9 a.m.
Show SS picture 2 of the same man still standing, but the clock now says 11 a.m. and he looks unhappy while looking at his watch. Ask - What is he doing? He’s still waiting.
What’s the time now? 11 a.m.
How long did I wait? 2 hours

c). Checking Meaning.
Was he waiting 2 hours ago? Yes
Is he still waiting now? Yes
Is he happy? Most likely not

d). Form
Subject + have/ has + been + verb + ing

e). Phonology
You’d need to help SS pronouncing weak /i/ in ‘been’, contraction of ‘I’ and ‘have’ – I’ve /aiəv/, waiting - /weitiŋ/, hours /aʊəz/.

3. I’m meeting her next Friday.

a). Analysis of Meaning.
I have a plan to meet her.
We meet on Friday....
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