Cell Phones Advantages&Disadvantages

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Question 1
1.0 Introduction
When I have been on different school placements during my time at the College there has always been one thing I have paid more attention to and noticed in every school. This situation is a very common thing among students in Malaysia and also occurs among people who normally use more than one language. This phenomenon is called code-switching and usually happened in bilingual societies. What is code-switching? It is when a person mixes two languages in a single sentence or a conversation. This issue was ordinary to take place in Malaysian students which is learning more than one language. Our country students usually learned more than three language likes national language, mother language and etc. Our ministry of education set English as a second language in Malaysia, so Malaysian English Language Instructors and ESL (English as second Language) requires learners tend to use more than one code of language in the context of formal classroom. Now, we wants to discuss the factors that cause ESL learners to code switch and how to overcome it. 2.0 Main Body

2.1 Feel More Comfortable, Environment, Lack of Confidence
The first factors it cause students cannot switching code immediately because they not usual to use English and also feel custom and more comfortable to use their own language. They prefer to use their own language because it is more smoothed and easy communicate with their friend. Besides that, they also did not have a good environment or social to speak English. Take one example, we was grow in a family which does not often speak English and we just only use our mother language to communicate with our family’s in home, that is a big problem for us to learn and speak English properly. The problem will cause the students lack of confidence to speak English because they do not have basic for speak to other people. Last but not least, they also will feel shy to use English because they are afraid of speaking mistakes.

2.2 Lack of Motivation, Lack of Interest, Lack of Enforcement Furthermore, they also lack of motivation because they do not get any courage from their friend or family. When students do not have enough vocabulary word they cannot speak any perfects English. If they cannot speak English properly, they will give their friend laugh and it will causes they do not have more interest in English. Besides that, they will also give up to learn English and also will drop out of study. Motivation may be expect to improve when class take into account students likes in teaching style and lesson material. Additionally, parents did not enforce their children to speak and learn English in home. Parents also lack of accompany with their children to teach them important of English or another language in the whole world even tourism and doing business. 2.3 Watch more English videos, more interaction, talk with others race After the factors let us talk about solutions to overcome the problem students who are face it. Lecturers can takes some video from youtube or google to share with students but ensure the video can help students to improve their English. They can also listen music English or see an English movie to increase their listen and speaking skill. We must let students have more interaction and practice among them when during lesson. Lecturers should break them into different group with different language or country to get more chance to be in touch with English in class. 2.4 Join the activity can improve English, Attended to tuition, Penalty The parents need to speak with them in English and without home language at home to improve their basic in speaking. Parents also can send them to counselling or campaign for training them to use English in social life. Students must me hardworking and go to a place which availability of additional resources or knowledge to increase their vocabulary. To give those students cannot handle the basics English parents should force them...

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