Communication Barrier

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Communication Barrier between Local and International Student in Malaysia. The increasing number of international student in Malaysia brings many benefits to the country as well to the local students. However, there are many problems that faced by these international students in this country. One of them is communication barrier between the local students. Communication barrier always bring difficulty to them when interacting with the local students in the campus. This includes both verbal and non-verbal communication.

These are the barriers:-
* Limited interaction
There are limited interactions between the local and international students. The international students or the local students only communicate with each other when there are group discussions in the class or a meeting on a group assignment. They like to be with their own group of friends that are similar nationality, race and culture with them. These bring them to have less communication with the other group of students. If this thing keeps continuing then the international students cannot learn the host country culture, tradition and beliefs. They also will have less knowledge about the host country. Later on, this will bring difficulty to the international students when they enter in the work field at the host country.

* Poor language
The local and the international students also have problems with the language. In Malaysia, there are only two languages that are used widely not only in the university but in the whole country, which is Bahasa Malaysia and English Language. The international students or the local students only use English Language when communicating with each other because the international students don’t know the local language which is Bahasa Malaysia. The international students that not from English spoken country like students from China, Turkey, Arab and Japan, always have problem to speak in English with the local students. Some of the local students or the...
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