Pros and Cons of Cell Phones

Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: October 10, 2008
In today’s culture, Cell Phones are becoming more and more prevalent. They are used heavily today as a way to connect socially, as well as a way to keep up with e-mail, a calendar, or other useful applications. However, as with any type of technology, there are critics who have their concerns or doubts, based on half-truth, or on actual fact that has been twisted to have a more emotional impact on someone. The key points a critic will argue are that Cell Phones create distractions, health problems, and social problems. If their cries continue uncontested, the freedom to use a Cell Phone, could become infringed, or possibly taken away completely. Cell Phones, undoubtedly, cause distractions, whether driving, in class, or in any other situation where a person’s attention should be focused elsewhere. Placing a call in the car, even if the Cell Phone is placed near the driver’s line of sight, causes a distraction. A scientific study was conducted on Cell Phones, measuring the degree of distraction it caused from primary driving tasks. Two variables were used, “Response Occurrence, whether or not the driver responded or not, and Response Time, how long it took for the driver to respond.” The study concluded that Cell Phones do cause a distraction while driving ; however, the right to use a Cell Phone should not become at risk because of this. There are a vast number of options to reduce the degree of distraction a driver faces while using a cell phone. Instead of completely banning the use of Cell Phones while driving, encourage drivers to use voice dialing, hands-free, or possibly to even wait until stopped to place a call. The next key point Cell Phone critics try to push is health problems. Cell Phones allegedly cause an increased risk of cancer and brain tumors, mainly on the side of the brain that the Cell Phone is used most frequently. In 2006, a large Danish study about the connection between mobile phone use, and cancer incidence was published. It followed...
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