causes of stress

Topics: Human, Natural environment, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: June 1, 2014
 Causes of stress
The development of society leads to the development of diary life. However, that development doesn’t only have good respects but also has bad respects. One of them is stress. There are many causes of stress but in my opinion, thr ee important reasons leading to stress are financial problem, environment and bad relationship. The first cause is financial problem. It’s no wonder financial issue brings up pressure which creates causes of stress. Because all of us need money to pay for material needs as well as spiritual needs. If we don’t have money, we can’t live. That’s why we are always worried about financial problem. Sometimes, our anxiety is full, which also leads to stress. Nowadays, everyone is facing with inflation. The currency has losen value and everything has become more expensive. Besides, the rate of unemployment is increasing. According to a survey, rough six in ten students currently are unemployed. In those situations, stress is inevitable. Not only that, some people have had a full life but they still want more money to improve their lives and confirm their position in society. This totally makes them think twice everyday trying to have more money. It is also possible that they will earn money by the risky way then they’re going to be empty-handed. All leads to stress. The second cause is environment. Now, people must face with many environmental impacts from daily life. In big cities, traffic congestion is always a controversial topic. We feel very upset when you are stuck with vehicles on the road. Also in the big cities, pollution also creates stress because it threatens human health. There were so many people said that they are afraid of getting diseases such as lung cancer because of dust and waste. The change of the natural environment also leads to frequent natural disasters in some regions. The people there always have to live in fear. These storms can destroy the infrastructure and human lives. And the final reason is...
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