Case Study - YouTube LLC: Going Global by Acting Local

Topics: YouTube, English language, Law Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: August 2, 2012
Case study, YouTube LLC; Going Global by acting Local
The SWOT analysis of YouTube India can be summarized as
* High technology for copyright protection
* User-friendly
* The international brand name of YouTube
* Many alliances to provide the site with more Indian local contents. Weakness
* Limited local content will achieve more with its partnerships. * Weakness in providing a variety of languages. YouTube Indian site have all YouTube content but in English, they are working on introducing more Indian languages. Opportunity

* India is one of the quickest growing regions in the world for Internet and broadband adoption. * It is a growing internet users market the market share of YouTube is high and will continue to increase. * YouTube’s partnerships with different Global and local companies and incorporations. * YouTube is planning to sell customized advertising on the site. * Introduce new offer to suit different preferences.

* Goes in fighting in legal battle in the Indian courts against major music publishers. * YouTube may face a competition with other sites that provide more local contents.

2) YouTube Growth Through alliances give the opportunity to increase its user-base with all these local partners who provide this site a large local content that suite Indian’s preferences. If YouTube wants to have all these varieties, it will lead to extra costs, and too much time, while local competitors are trying to move forward. This achievement would not happen alongside. The overseas goal is to take competitors in the same side, so no more oppositions and hard competition.

3) YouTube entered the market with the English language. This step was for adopting later on with local Indian culture (entered as global, then localize through alliance sources that provide local contents). YouTube promised to protect intellectual property rights of the content uploaded and protect users from offensive...
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