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Monash University: Faculty of Arts: Assessment Cover Sheet

1. PRINT CLEARLY and complete all necessary details
2. Read and sign this cover sheet then staple it to the front of your assignment 3. Please note that it is your responsibility to retain copies of your assignments! 4. Please ensure that you have read and understand your faculty's policy about assignment submission and late penalties Prepare an annotated on the topic of social media (microblogging, web 2.0, interactive digital media, including YouTube, Facebook, Weibo, Twitter, etc.). This exercise will assist you in beginning to identify, summarise and evaluate useful resources on your essay topic. It also requires you to evaluate and build on the key concepts that are evident in academic media texts analysing and describing social media for example. Number of bibliographic entries: You will have 10 entries, including a minimum of six (6) academic sources, three (3) only of which may be articles listed on the course guide. All others must be identified from your own research using Monash Library databases. Plus a maximum of four (4) non-academic sources (reports; journalistic accounts; interviews; etc.). Annotations for each entry should comprise 200

Question: How do Bollywood Filmmakers use Social Media Networks to market and advertise films?

Ahmed, S 2010 ‘New Media Marketing of Bollywood Movies: Making a Difference’, Comunicacao em Debate, pp.543-553. The “New media marketing strategy” by S Ahmed talks about the changes in media functionality in Bollywood. Here the author describes how Bollywood is slowly catching up with the trend of marketing skills. He explains in detail, the different ways of promoting movies, specifically focusing on promotional websites, social networking sites. He suggests that promotional websites give a sneak peak of the movies to the target audiences, which in turn helps to build curiosity levels; apart from that, Facebook fan pages and micro blogging sites, like Twitter, helps audiences to create unbiased opinions and discussions about the particular film. This he says, helps audiences with shared interests, communicate with each other .The author also suggests that the marketing strategy of films has greatly improved in the last 60 years; filmmakers now focus on successfully marketing their films to increase their chances of delivering a successful film. This article is useful for my thesis as it helps to understand the usefulness of social networking websites for Bollywood films.

Boyd, DM & Ellison, NB 2007, 'Social Network Sites: Definition, History and Scholarship', Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, Vol. 13, Issue 1, pp.210-230.

This article, by Boyd and Ellison, as suggested by the title itself, gives a detailed description of Social Networking Sites, more popularly known as Social Media. The article describes the various features of Social Networking Sites and their uses .It explains how the emergence of social networking sites helped to connect with friends and family and thousands of people across the globe making it easily accessible .It gives examples of websites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace and how they are used for the purposes of networking. This particular article is useful for my research topic as it helps me set the groundwork for my thesis question by allowing me to form a definition for what Social Media is, particular to my research. Out of the various definitions provided in this article, what is most useful to my research is how Social Media websites not only help maintain pre-existing social networks, but also help form new ones on the basis of a range of shared interests; one such interest being films. This article will help me establish as to how Social Media websites help create and maintain networks and how this can be used as a tool of advertising for films.

Kietzmann, JH, Hermkens, K, Mccarthy, IP, Silvestre, BS 2011, ‘Social media? Get Serious!...
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