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Children are not only hooked to television but also to the cartoon entertainment dished out on various channels to mention POGO, cartoon network, Disney etc. Cartoon mania grips kids Even in the slum areas, a faint glow of the flickering TV screen is always visible. And if every house cannot afford it, one can see the old concept of community viewing resurging in these places. As 10-year old Raghav, studying in the Perambur Corporation School, said, "I paid Re.1 to my friend's father every time I viewed "Tom & Jerry". This has gripped the children so much that they are ready to do anything to have a view of their favourite cartoon channels and programmes. The total number of children's programmes in all channels is not even 5 per cent. If what one hears and reads about an exclusive channel for children, becomes a reality; it would be nothing short of a miracle. For now, the channel "Splash" is making waves, but it is only for those who can understand English and relate to a particular lifestyle. If there are only limited programmes for children and they are still spending a lot of time in front of the television, the question arises as to what are they viewing and how does it affect their behaviour. A part of the study also revealed the activities the children indulged in other than TV viewing — reading books, school work, pursuing hobbies, listening to music, computer games, net surfing, sports, spending time with family and friends and going to theatres to watch movies. In most homes, the entire family congregates before the television to watch serials. Though the PC has carved out a niche for itself in many homes, it's the television that remains the prime entertainer.

By converting popular and imaginative channels like Wall Disney, Pogo and Cartoon Network into Hindi medium, the cable industry has done incalculable harm to the coming generation of this region. In this era of globalization it is imperative that our children be exposed as much to the outside world as possible. Previously, books were the gateway to knowledge. Unfortunately, the reading habit has lapsed amongst today’s youngsters, with the TV emerging as the most potent communication instrument. Any tinkering with the methodology of this form of communication will have deleterious consequences.

The effect cartoon violence has on children:
Cartoon violence is an issue which recently has been growing in importance. Now a days it is extremely difficult to find a TV channel that is 100% children friendly. Most channels have children programming mixed with commercials or movies previews that are completely inappropriate for children. Cartoon programmes should not be aired whole day long as this would have a negative impact on the kid’s demeanor. Parents cannot watch their children every minute of the day and it only takes a second for them to change channels. Children will try to mimic anything they see or hear and cartoon violence is no exception. Children should be given an option to watch only child friendly cartoons .

Effects of Cartoons on Children

Children have become much more interested in cartoons over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives. Typically, children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age of six months, and by the age two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. This has become a problem because too many children are watching too much television and the shows that they are watching (even if they are cartoons) have become violent and addictive. The marketing of cartoons has become overpowering in India and so has the subliminal messaging. The marketing is targeted toward the children to cause them to want to view the cartoons on a regular basis, but the subliminal messaging is for the adults’ to target them into enjoying the “cartoons”. This is unfortunate because children watch the cartoons on the television and they see material that is not...
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