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Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Organization, Team Pages: 18 (3406 words) Published: November 11, 2014

Aaron Ng, Chang School, Ryerson University
Anika Patel, Business Technology Management, Ryerson University Mathankan Iranjan, Business Technology Management, Ryerson University


Candy co, who started from the bottom, and now they’re producing one of the top European quality candy products, recognizes their talented executive members for their exceptional skills and non-stop dedication, all in the while focusing on delivering delicious chocolates, unfortunately the company faces numerous instances of a lack of employee motivation. Employees feel like they’re being neglected on a constant basis because of numerous issues pertaining to management and the division of labour. This vast difference in levels of management has reflected numerous aspects of performance for the overall organization, resulting in a loss in revenues. Employees within this organization lack a sense of teamwork and organizational skills, as each member individually fight to achieve only his/her goals within the organization. Another shortcoming that will be examined is the overall performance of CandyCo with regards to its previous performance as well as how it matches against competitors. An issue that is addressed in our analysis deals with communication. We explore the importance of having both a listener and a speaker, or perhaps a sender or receiver, when trying to get a message across. The analysis shows the effects miscommunication has throughout the organization, from their production line, to sales representatives. Lastly, we focus on the importance of organizational effectiveness. To begin, organizational effectiveness can help CandyCo become open systems. This means the company needs to learn how to interact and adapt to the external environment. If CandyCo was able to do this, we would see they can grow financially. Because of the risen resource price, CandyCo should have developed a new strategy to optimize their resource properly. The saying goes “you must keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” applies to this because CandyCo needs to analyze their financial data and alter their strategy that contends with their competitors. CandyCo failed to share knowledge among the departments. This goes without saying, departments need to understand each other’s strategy and create company goals. Another quote that needs further interpretation for CandyCo, “knowledge is power”, since organizational effectiveness can be achieved with well-informed employees. As noted from the case study, several staffs felt the need for training to cooperate better with their teammates but felt like they were left on their own. Properly trained employees will be more effective as they are more organizationally efficient and productive for the company. Overall, organizational effectiveness will help CandyCo financially.

Case Study Questions:
1. List the outward manifestation, in terms of organizational performance and/or employee behaviour that indicate that organizational results could be improved? Organizational performance:
This case examines the effects organizational performance and employee behaviour can have on the organizations results. The list below encompasses the outcome of these affects. Organizational Performance

For a company that had growth in distribution channels, product lines and even international competition wins are now struggling to compete with local businesses. VP of finance, Veronica Chang, states that, “overall sales revenues have taken a serious drop, the cost of supplies and utilities have risen and further noted that competitors are doing very well” pg. 2. Veronica also feels that competitor’s cash flow and profits are notably higher than theirs. The overall figures for CandyCo are “dropping, except for special-occasion-specialties (SOS).” Although one division may be doing exceptionally well it does not account for the other three...

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