Campaign Hijacking

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Campaign Hijacking
Erdinc Kurt IB5 Marketing Communication
Campaign – An organized course of action in order to achieve a goal.
 Hijack – Taking over (something) and using it for a different purpose.

Approaches to hijack 

a campaign

The first way is to find a breaking story and make sure
that you get your message in front of the media.  There
are two approaches in this method. The first is the
humour method, second is the commentary method.
This is where you add some commentary around the
issue.  Either supporting or attacking the initial news
item you are trying to hijack.  This gives the media
something to use to expand their stories.  However you
can’t be non-committal with your comment.  You have
to make an emphatic statement.  You must stand for
something.  If you are less than news worthy you will
not be commented or quoted.
The second way is to find some very well known item
and make a connection to it.  You can reference it in
your marketing or even copy it in some way (make sure
you don’t infringe copyright). This can be tricky
because you are relying on your customers having the

same knowledge as you.  If they don’t have the same
knowledge then they will not make the some
connection as you and you will not hijack anything. It
can be a parody as well. For a while Pepsi used the fact
that Coke hadn’t changed their bottle design for 70
years.  They used that point to say Coke was an old
person’s drink.  They hijacked the shape of the Coke
bottle something everyone knew and used it to gain
leverage over Coke.

(Often) inexpensive
Viral potential
High media awareness
High involvement
Word of mouth
Attention attracting
Legal issues
Opportunity (competitor) dependent
No forecast possible
Obligation being Up-to-date

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