Rise of Political Machines

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* Child Labor Reform
* The way young children are being forced to work to the death is ridiculous. Children are young and shouldn’t have to go through with that kind of lifestyle. They should be out in school or playing with friends but instead they are forced to work in terrible conditions for long hours. Why would you let children of all people work in such terrible, unhealthy, unsanitary, and hazardous conditions? * Save the Little People (SLP) That’s what I call my little sisters * Demands:

1. Children shouldn’t be working in an unsafe environment 2. Children Should work shorter hours
3. Children should be strengthening their education
4. Children will need more breaks than usual
5. Children shouldn’t be working all the time and enjoying their youth To me believe numbers 2, 3, 5 are the most important because children are our future generation and we need them to succeed and by setting these demands our children will succeed. But I am willing to limit #4. Children do need some breaks during the day because their attention span is quite small. A compromise would be not to give them more breaks but to give them a longer break. * I believe a great time we can meet would be in the morning, before work, at church. To me church is such a friendly environment and the people who attend church will more than likely help and support us in this movement.

Child Labor
Child Labor

Save our children and let them enjoy their lives!
Save our children and let them enjoy their lives!
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